Our Story

TiyulTech was established by market experts to meet the needs in the travel industry. We realized that almost all current tour operator softwares are outdated (with an average release year of 2000) and do not provide effective support for big and growing business. Based on years of experience in the travel business, we’ve managed to create an intuitive and comprehensive tool that dramatically improves the daily workflow and productivity.

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Jerusalem, Israel

Why we decided to StartUp TiyulTech?

The Problem:

We believe that business need to make and execute fast and sharp decisions. At the beginning of summer 2018, we met with Mr Divon Yaron, CEO and co-founder at Sachlav,an Israeli inbound tour operator with over 30 years of experience Israel. He told us that all that the tour operating software that he used are an inefficient. We started by interviewing all Sachlav’s employees in order to understand why the previous products did not fit their needs. We interviewed both junior and senior employees in order to have a good grasp about the product needs. Then, we started to search for a product that meets Sachlav’s requirements. We discussed the needs and the available software with companies in Israel, Europe, US, South America, India and more. In total, we investigated 23 products.

Our story started due to a personal need. . The company was incorporated and managed by Mr Divon Yaron (it happens that he is also our father:)) The company grew over the years and the operations and the financial organization have become more complicated to manage.  For many years, when we discussed Sachlav’s progress, we used to hear the same story: “We are deploying a new software management system”. And each time it failed due to inefficient performance. Alongside., the company has invested an enormous amount of resources in designing and developing a custom-made system. But each time, it failed. After each iteration, they went back to using excel sheets.

The Research:

 We learned a lot from the research that we conducted. First, we learned that existing software in this field were generated, on average, in the year 2000, long before the availability of current technologies that have reinvented the way we develop web products. The advantage of the new technologies is not only in faster computation. They also dramatically improve the user experience, which allows us to simplify complicated processes and make the data much more accessible.  Second, the current software companies have decided due to financial reasons to use the same software for wholesalers and for tour operators. Despite the similarity, there is a huge gap in the needs and the work process. As a result, the software is much more complicated to use and is not personalized to the customer’s needs. Finally, we learned that well established companies have a hard time in upgrading old software. In other words, upgrading software means building software from scratch.


The Decision:

After the research, we understood that Sachlav’s problem is not a rare problem. Moreover, we met more companies that have the exact same problem. Thus, we decided to set up TiyulTech – a software company that specializes in software solutions for the travel industry. We have a very clear mission: to enable organizations to make and execute decisions in a fast and sharp manner. Our first product is Apex, a software for Inbound Tour Operators.


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