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TiyulTech was established by market experts to meet the needs in the travel industry. We realized that almost all current tour operator softwares are outdated (with an average release year of 2000) and do not provide effective support for big and growing business. Based on years of experience in the travel business, we’ve managed to create an intuitive and comprehensive tool that dramatically improves the daily workflow and productivity.

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Jerusalem, Israel

What is the linkage between Apple, Martin Luther King and the Wright Brothers?

Why is Apple the most innovative company? Why did Martin Luther King lead the civil rights revolution in the US? Why did the Wright brothers make a breakthrough in inventing the airplane? After all, they were not the only people in their domain of expertise, nor were they the people with the highest amount of resources. This is how Simon Sinek opened his lecture on How great leaders inspire action. In my opinion, this is one of the most important lectures that a leader of an organization must watch. In a nutshell, Simon Sinek claims that what makes great leaders different is that they have a higher purpose  that connects people to their core belief. Moreover, everything they do stems from that purpose.  So, what is our mission at TiyulTech?

Our Mission:

Our mission at TiyulTech is to enable organizations to make and execute decisions in a fast and sharp manner. This is the reason that we exist. In order to verify that we achieve our main goal, we set three Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help us to measure our actual impact on organizations. The first KPI – is our ability to speed up every work process (big or small). The second, our impact on enabling organizations and decision maker to make decisions based on data. The third, establishing an efficient collaboration between all parties that are involved in the operations (employees, suppliers, contractors, customers, etc). In every feature that we developed, we asked ourselves: does this feature meet our main goal?! We use the “value calculator” to answer it.

The value calculator:

In order to take our vision from theory to action we built the “value calculator”. The “value calculator” enables us to verify that each feature meets our main goal. Here are some concrete examples:

  1. Automation. Assume that a group’s time of landing time was delayed by 5 hours. Now you need to update the transportation company, the guide and others. Our system notifies you regarding the change in a dedicated area, and in a click of a button you can update all relevant parties.
  2. Minimize clicks to achieve an action. We made a comparison between our software and a competitor’s software. We built an itinerary for a 10 day trip in Israel for 45 people. Our system saved over 700 clicks per trip. It is easy to approximate how many clicks we can save in your organization.
  3. Default system values. For example, our system calculates the start time and the end time for many reservations based on the default values and other values.
  4. Making data accessible in the relevant place at the right time? A small but relevant example. We show the cost data and the trip quality data (a special feature) in real time. It enables the itinerary builder to track and measure his / her plan in real time.
  5.  Set the company policy. For example, our software enables the user to set different pricing to the Chinese market as compared to the US market. Once you set up the pricing policy, each user in the system can follow up on it in a very simple manner.
  6. Decisions based on data: we create financial and other reports that help decision makers to adapt quickly and effectively.

Want to build your vision for your company? We will be glad to answer at no cost.